Why I love cycling in Spain

Im cycling in Spain for 10 days. Here’s the route:


…and this is why Spain is a great cycling destination…

Great roads,


Lots of climbing,


Little traffic,



Lots of respect for cyclists (could use this sign on Old Santa Fe Trail),


Picturesque hilltop villages,


And yea, some really great cycling roads


~ by Robert on April 20, 2018.

3 Responses to “Why I love cycling in Spain”

  1. Looks fabulous, Robert!


  2. Looks like you rode right by us, Robert, as we camped in a campground just to the east of Malaga in Rincon de la Victoria the end of March and until the other day. We are now near Cape Trafalgar east of Cadiz, but love Spain as well and the biking is wonderful!

    Dave Law and Bonnie Carleton


  3. Wow! That sure is a coincidence. On one of my Malaga loops the other day, before heading North, I was about a mile from you!


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