Ride 10: Ryujin Onsen to Kawayu Onsen

48 miles and 5,800’ of gain…And then there was this….

You don’t need to read Japanese to understand. It was time for a reroute!
Guard rail? Who needs a guard rail? And this drop off was not the deepest I saw without any barriers.
A really big Torii Gate.

I was on my very last sip of water, and then, around the next turn, in the middle of nowhere, was a vending machine. They are everywhere.
A large concrete wall.
Tea fields

~ by Robert on April 22, 2023.

4 Responses to “Ride 10: Ryujin Onsen to Kawayu Onsen”

  1. Robert, I’m loving your journal entries and images. What an adventure. And you seem to be holding onto your healthy sense of the absurd…days of rain, blocked roads at the top of a climb…. What’s next? Stay safe. See you in Santa Fe. Andy and Karen


  2. Amazing my friend …


  3. Hi Robert –
    I am reading your blog with interest. It makes me want to follow in your footsteps. Are you posting your cycling routes somewhere, e.g. strava?


  4. Sorry, I don’t do Strava


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