Cycling the Length of Japan: Hokkaido



Hokkaido is a really big island. Our route occupied a thin vertical sliver down the western side of this vast Prefecture.




LOJ-Hokkaido-4Our group

8 days of open spaces, farms, some nice climbs, lakes, and some busy roads circumnavigating the edge of the Uchiura bay.  Oh, and that particular section had about 13 tunnels out of the total of about 20, with another dozen or so “galleries” (kinda half tunnels).

A 2.5 km tunnel… just peddel like mad.

A 2.5 km tunnel… just pedal like mad.

In all, we cycled 492 miles (787 kms) and climbed 23,747 ft (7420 mts) and there was rain day.LOJ-Hokkaido-8


Hokkaido is an OK place to ride, a bit unvaried with lots of farms and open spaces. The roads are good, some great, but some are simply ridable. I’d say there are more young Japanese bike tourers here riding with fully loaded panniers and camping gear then anywhere in Japan. Apparently, going to Hokkaido cycling – which is not really on the radar for most Japanese and is considered a remote place – is a thing to do for young Japanese boys.

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HOWEVER, the food here is amazing. Wonderful seafood: scallops, uni, small fishes, crabs, plus some wonderful ramen and udon. The udon is particularly nice, being light and subtle. I could forget the cycling and simply do a food tour of Hokkaido and it would be fantastic.

LOJ-Hokkaido-3above, sorting baby scallops so the can be tossed into the sea and become these…LOJ-Hokkaido-1-8

more wonderful Hokkaido seafood…


Next, Honshu….

~ by Robert on September 21, 2017.

3 Responses to “Cycling the Length of Japan: Hokkaido”

  1. Live cycling!nice post,enjoyed it:)


  2. Have you seen any missiles flying overhead?


  3. Not yet, but lots of stuff on the news!


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