A Zen Retreat, and my “Cycle Training Camp”

We’re in Japan for 5 weeks; three of them are at a Zen Retreat on Kyushu.

untitled shoot_20-Sep-15_042-Edit-EditOur typical daily schedule includes waking up at 5:00 for 30 minutes of chanting, followed by an hour of meditation, then tea time, and an hour of Yoga. Then, a few hours of “Samu”, or service to the temple, taking us up to lunchtime.

The afternoons are mostly free, with Alison doing a daily art project, calligraphy with the monk, and hikes to the beach or the village. 

I’m bringing my bike, and plan to do a daily bike ride up into the tiny, twisty, quiet roads into the hills.  My Spring Training.

There’s internet, but we will be on a self-imposed 3 week total news blackout.  No politics. No news.  Just doing the Zen thing and me cycling as much as possible. 

~ by Robert on April 24, 2017.

2 Responses to “A Zen Retreat, and my “Cycle Training Camp””

  1. Case 101

    Sky’s Introduction

    To openly ask or answer is like attempting to count stars on one hand. Who would ever do this? See the following.

    Main Subject

    A monk found Rikyu in the temple garden and asked him: “Is the world out there, or inside us?”
    Rikyu did not answer and continued to sweep the garden path.
    On getting no reply, the monk addressed Rikyu again with the same question.
    Again, Rikyu did not answer.
    As the monk turned to leave, Rikyu stopped sweeping and handed the monk the broom, saying:
    “Not out. Not in. The path needs sweeping.”

    Sky’s Commentary

    Neither out nor in.
    Too large to find – too small to hide.
    What a shame,
    Old Rikyu gave the broom away too quickly when there was so much left to sweep.

    Sky’s Verse

    Cherry flowers or snow?
    Any confusion misses the season.
    Sweeping everything clear –
    The garden is nowhere to be found.

    Clouds in mountains – Mountains in clouds.


  2. Enjoy


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