Japan’s bicycle infrastructure- Kanazawa

 These photos are pretty typical of the bicycle infrastructure in Japan.  I’m in Kanazawa a few days as the starting point for my tour. 


  You can never say things are not clear here in Japan for bicycles 


 First time I saw a bike graphic with a basket 

 A bicycle parking area near the train station 

 The bike ramp leading down to the walkway under the road 

~ by Robert on September 23, 2016.

2 Responses to “Japan’s bicycle infrastructure- Kanazawa”

  1. Where do bicyclists without baskets ride?


  2. Would love to read more about your ride near Kanazawa. It was on my itinerary last month but I ended up staying in Hiroshima instead, which I loved. Japan surely captured my heart in beauty and truly enjoyed my cycle in Hokkaido. Thanks for sharing.


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