Cycling Andalusia, Spain



  Cycling in Spain my new Touring Bike. 


 65 miles, and olive trees as far as you can see in every direction the entire day 



How old must an olive tree be to have a trunk that big?  Some where even bigger. 



 A small town with great bike lanes!



 First night on my tour. Zuheros is off-the-chart charming. And hilly. This was  an 18% grade road to the village as I was trying to find my hotel. The road kept going. 


From the village. 


 I mean, really… The whole town looks like this.  It’s spotless   It’s almost painful  





 Now, this is very bizarre.  This bar was filled with the worst possible taxidermy I’ve ever seen in my life.  Check out the bullet-belts on the rabbits.  I have no idea what they are reading. 


 These children are playing ball on a public space that’s on a sliver of a roof 35 feet in the air.   One wrong toss and that ball is gone.  

~ by Robert on May 6, 2015.

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  1. Have a great trip. We are in Budapest. Wonderful city. Chuck


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