Kyoto: Final Images Before Heading Home

 In Kyoto, for the last 9 days in Japan…


 Some very stern looking marchers


 This group looked a bit more cheery


 Uji is a center for tea growing. We took a short train ride there to buy some tea. 


 We met up with a large group of elderly women… Alison was at least a foot taller then most of them, but every time I tried to take a photo they stopped out of my field of view – trying to be polite – not knowing they were the subject!


 Nighttime at Shorin-in Temple



 Sometimes the attention to detail is quite something


The garden pond at Ryon-ji Temple


 Burning trash near the temple… seems like very un-Zen sort of thing to do


The Arashiyamma bamboo forest 


The only thing worse than taking a photo with an iPad, is taking a movie with an iPad.  And even worse, is taking a selfie with an iPad.  

I’m wondering: if someone is taking a selfie, and is also being photographed doing so, and I’m photographing both of them, will I fall into some sort of fourth-dimensional photographic parallel universe? B/T/W, every time she took a selfie, he took a photo of her, and while I watched, those were the only shots he took. 

The selfie-thing is completely out of control – to the point of this bizarre, obsessive-compulsive trend. These telescoping selfie arms are far too common. I wonder: are they being used in the US?


 We went up to Mount Hiei: first we cycled to the train station, then we took a short train ride, then this inclined tram (the steepest I’ve ever seen), and lastly a cable car. Mt Hiei is famous for the Marathon Monks that live up here. These are some very dedicated monks.

 Nijo Castle 


~ by Robert on November 3, 2014.

9 Responses to “Kyoto: Final Images Before Heading Home”

  1. Been great to follow your trip, Robert! Quite an achievement! Great blog


  2. Those telescoping poles are being used in the US, yes. The kids call them “selfie sticks”.


  3. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. A great travel journal Bob!


  4. Totally enjoyed your journey Robert. Thanks for sharing with us.


  5. Nice finish to an epic adventure. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Robert: Some fine shots. I look forward to hearing more about them on your return!


  7. Yes….the “telescope” is being used here….saw it in Monterey a week ago… :)…looks like you guys are having a terrific time!


  8. I suppose it could have been a “tourist”….:)


  9. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful trip—as always, insightful and creative and YOU! Wendy


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