Kyushu – Historic Trains, Hot Sand Baths, and a Charming Village

We took this historic train to Ibusuki.  It had well dressed staff, wooden paneling, and was more about the experience than anything else.

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Ibusuki is known for its hot (really, hot) sand baths that are on the beach. Kinda bizarre. 

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 We had dinner at the the Yatai, or street stalls in Fukuoka


Dazaifu is a day trip from Fukuoka: temples, gardens, and a small traditional tea house.

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Dazaifu, a small place had this huge museum near the temples and gardens

Note the name of the leaf blower. Nothing particularly Zen about a leaf blower.



 Quite a Starbucks!



~ by Robert on October 24, 2014.

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