The Last Ride

My last ride on this trip took me from Ibusuki to Cape Sata, which is the southernmost point on Kyushu and the main archipelago. I had to take a ferry to start the ride down to the point.  

 The 3000′ high, perfectly conical Kaimondake volcano is close to Ibusuki. 

At first I thought this was a woman, but she’s a manikin. Then, a few hundred feet further there was another, then another. This went on for a few miles. Very bizzare. 

Like the rest of Japan, the mountains are steep.  

Cape Sata sits just below the 31st parallel, which is also just south of Ensanada, Mexico or Houston.  I saw the sign below near Sata.  Cape Soya is where I started my ride last year, 2700 km away, which is on the 45th parallel (same as near Portland, OR, or Bordeaux, FR). 


My last tunnel

I haven’t totaled up my miles yet, but the number won’t be particularly big; however, total elevation gain certainly will be!

~ by Robert on October 21, 2014.

8 Responses to “The Last Ride”

  1. You survived, you concord, you did it…congratulations Robert! Well done! I am happy I signed on to get your blog. I really enjoyed the journey with you.
    Thank you!


  2. Nice job overall, Robert! Incredible journey. Now get back here safe!


  3. Where are we going next? Oregon Wine Country?


  4. Congrats Robert! Loved your travel blog and photos and I sympathize with your knees!


  5. Not sure, but because the (second) typhoon made me divert my route around the island of Shikoku, I may come back next year and do that. Or maybe someplace else. Time to start planning!


  6. Amazing journey, Rob – thanks for the stories. Congrats on not getting swept up, and happy trails homeward!
    carol c.


  7. Well done, Robert !
    Thank you for the great blog, truly enjoyed reading your adventures.


  8. Enjoyed your writing and photos, looking forward to your next adventure.


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