Okayama, waiting for Vonfong to pass

Takashimaya department store is the Neiman-Marcus of Japan. The rain was playing music on their sign.  (Listen to the pings behind the rain)


Here’s a few more shots from Naoshima




At a street faire before the rain hit in Okayama.  These are bean paste sweets. 

Many of the older homes have burnt walls. It’s to protect the wood from a certain bug infestation. 


This is looking out our hotel window while waiting for the  storm to pass


These bikes outside my hotel didn’t stand up to the winds


~ by Robert on October 13, 2014.

2 Responses to “Okayama, waiting for Vonfong to pass”

  1. Love the Naoshima shots. The glass steps, large stones & those burnt walls – gorgeous! Of course it is great to see Alison in her aesthetic epicenter! Stay dry! Ride on!


  2. Welcome to Kyushu ! You’re making good progress !
    And good to hear you survived Vonfong.
    The tandem family is now near Nagano, you’re staying way ahead 😉


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