Typhoon #2: Vanfong Causes a Major Route Change

This is heading for southern Japan. Which is where I am at the moment. My route was supposed to take me through the southern part of the island of Shikoku. Which is where Vanfong will hit land, exactly when I was supposed to be riding. I took the train to the art island of Naoshima and met Alison for a few days. Then to Okayama to sit out the storm before resuming the ride schedule on Kyushu. 

I was able to squeeze one nice ride on on northern Shikoku. Shikoku being famous for its Route of 88 Temples.  Many people do the entire circuit, either walking (takes about 3 months), cycling (I met a couple doing that, they said it would take a month), or as this group did, by tour bus. 

Cover for apple orchard

 Making Udon Noodles

Kneeling the dough by foot!

A drone exhibit

Alison on Naoshima. 

Naoshima is a truly unbelievable place for art junkies. I’ve never seen such a commitment made to contemporary art. Definitely a must visit place for the art lover. 


~ by Robert on October 11, 2014.

4 Responses to “Typhoon #2: Vanfong Causes a Major Route Change”

  1. Hope you have better weather soon! Looking forward to seeing more pix!


  2. Hello Robert!
    Have a great travel!
    from Aomori Japan


  3. Fingers crossed no more typhoons head your way!


  4. Wishing you clear skies and clear roads on your travels..more pix please.


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