A Few Rides Between Tyohoons

Typhoons have a certain binary nature to them. First nothing, then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose, and then…it’s over: the wind stops and the sun comes out. After hunkering down for a few days, I was anxious to get going. 

I had to adjust the schedule, which necessitated a train ride. The Shinkansen part was uneventful, but when I transferred to the local train things got interesting. I was going to Matsusaka. And normally I write my itinerary in my book and show it to the ticket agent with times, connections, and each Line name. Well, this time I was rushing so I simply said I wanted a ticket to Matsumoto. Matsumoto is nonwhere near Matsusaka. 90 minutes toward the wrong destination I realized my mistake. So 90 more minutes and two transfers I was on my way to Matsusaka. Travelers Note: many city names sound alike to the Westerner’s ear, so be careful!

The ride today was another route with great roads and punishing, but wonderful climbs. This road was a bipass around a series of long, uninviting tunnels. What I didn’t know was that it had a long section of 10 to 12% grade. Plus, it had been hit by the typhoon a few days before, so there was debris from the trees all over the road.  Still, a great climb.

I’m guessing these trees blew down from the wind

My GPS has been indispensable. I can’t imagine doing a ride like this without one. But today for the first time, it told me to do something that was impossible. It suggested I make a left turn on this “road”. I came up with an alternate plan. 

Most of the route was on roads like these


These cars have nothing to do with my ride. I was sitting in front of the grocery store having lunch looking at this row of cars in front of me. I realized that since I’ve been in Japan, I have not seen one- not one -dirty car. And remember, this area was hit by a typhoon a few days ago so you would think that a curtain few might be dirty. But no. And then there’s the parking. Not like Santa Fe, where half the people park over the the line. Not here!









~ by Robert on October 11, 2014.

One Response to “A Few Rides Between Tyohoons”

  1. Wonderful!! Love that shot with your bicycle and the train…ah, adventures. Stay safe.


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