Nothing like a Typhoon to alter the cycling plans

Typhoon Phanfone is bearing down on southern Japan. Which is where I am now. The rains started last night, and have not let up for the last 18 hours. The forecast for today and tomorrow says there is a 100% chance of rain. I’d say they are pretty confident.  

And, to make matters a bit more unpredictable, regarding the cycling, there is another typhoon laying patiently out to sea where this one started. Could be an interesting week. 

Unlike our Santa Fe thunderstorms that are very isolated, and can be seen approaching from miles away, this tropical storm is so huge, the sky is a homogeneous light grey, slightly luminescent lid. There is no definition overhead. Just a relentless, even downpour. Fortunately the winds are calm… for now.

I’m in Fujinomiya an extra day ’cause the ferry I was supposed to take today is not running. Tomorrow I take the train. Supposedly the storm, this storm, will pass the southern region Monday night.

I should be on the bike Tuesday, though with a slightly altered plan. 

~ by Robert on October 4, 2014.

4 Responses to “Nothing like a Typhoon to alter the cycling plans”

  1. Well, this is turning into an adventure for sure…stay dry, warm and safe . I hope this passes quickly for your Robert.


  2. Stay safe, Robert…..will you have any fallout from the volcano?


  3. I avoided the volcano by 50 miles, but had to wait out the typhoon, and it appears the next one will hit the island of Shikoku just about when I’m planning to be there. Quite a trip!


  4. We are in Taiwan and have had a similar experience of having to change our climbing plans because of the typhoon! Hope you manage to get back on your bike today


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