Technology Zen

Oh Zen master I’ve come to you for help with the most grievous of problems. 
(he looks at me and just gives me a thin smile)

I’ve tried… I’ve tried to get close… I’ve tried to become one with the iPad, but… I cannot make it happen.

(after a long pause) “Yes, my fledgling iOS follower, The way of the iOS is there for you to reach. But you must have confidence and you must follow the path.” 

Great teacher, I’m lost. I miss my real computer. This is a mere facsimile! How do I make the connection?
“You must open the door and follow the iOS. Yes, It will tease you with great promise and then if you lose your way It will disappoint. Stay focused, stay determined. Stay on the path.”

But supreme spiritual IT leader, it’s not real…it’s only an illusion!
“Illusions become real if you believe. Follow the iOS and have faith.”

Oh seer of all things Digital, it almost seems like more trouble than it’s worth. 

“Some things pretend to be something they are not. You must look through the pretense and see what’s real. And, It might be a good idea if you lower your expectations a bit. Remember it’s just a big phone.” 

(he holds his hands up, indicating it’s time for me to leave)

I walk down the rocky path with visions of my MacBook air floating in my head.  

~ by Robert on October 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “Technology Zen”

  1. The ancient and the modern – good juxtaposition and it made me laugh!!!
    Love from your wife.


  2. You funny guy!


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