Getting ready to ride…kinda

I arrived in Japan last night but unfortunately my bike did not, it decided to go to San Francisco. Supposedly it will be here this afternoon.  United Airlines cannot send my bike up to me in Aomori in time so I had to spend the night in Tokyo and I’ll get my bike today arriving up north one day later.  With luck I’ll be able to start the journey on time as planned. However that means spending the day here at a hotel near the airport that United paid for but,,,it’s not a terribly charming area. 


My first breakfast was a very typical Japanese experience. Fish, soy, pickles… feels a lot like lunch. 

The fish was excellent

The boiled fish paste was very good too.


 Dioscorea appears to be a mountain yam that’s turned into a soup. 

  Always lots of pickled things for breakfast. 

And this is a first: a vitamin bar, and I don’t mean the kind of bar you eat, but an actual vitamin stand to have a selection of vitamins with your breakfast. 

~ by Robert on September 24, 2014.

3 Responses to “Getting ready to ride…kinda”

  1. Have a great journey and enjoy that fresh fish


  2. The fish looks delicious – not sure about the yam “gruel” though! Pickles for breakfast ….. mmm think I’ll have a croisssant, at least you can drink coffee with that! AK


  3. Many years ago, my wife and I stayed at a ryoken near Hakone. Someone arrived in our room in the morning and cooked an elaborate breakfast, including cooking and filleting (with chopsticks no less) a fish on the spot for me and then left it to my wife to do her own 😦



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