A Solo Journey: Cycling the Length of Japan

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Last year I started my first solo Length of Japan cycle tour, but after 10 days and 540 miles I had to fly home unexpectedly. This year, I’m taking up where I left off.

Once again, I will be posting photos of my trip.  In this “Phase II Tour”, I will ride 21 days, rest a few, and cover about 1200 miles from the very north of the main island of Honshu to the south of Kyushu.

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Here’s the route…
North Honshu:      Aomori to Murakami, 250 miles, 11,000′, 4 cycling days

Central Honshu:      Nagano to Mt Fuji, 180 miles, 20,000′, 4 cycling days

Kansai:     Toba to Wakayama, 150 miles, 10,300′, 4 cycling days

Shikoku:     Tokushima to Yawatahama, 240 miles, 14,200′, 4 cycling days

Kyushu:    Beppu to Cape Sata and Ibusuki, 325 miles, 27,200′, 5 cycling days

~ by Robert on September 21, 2014.

5 Responses to “A Solo Journey: Cycling the Length of Japan”

  1. I look forward to following you on your journey….


  2. Hi Robert,
    Good to hear you pick up the thread of your trip. I’ll be following your adventures yet again.
    When do you leave ?
    We have a family of four on two tandems leaving on Sept. 30 from Wakkanai riding all the way south, partly following your route. Maybe you ride into them 😉
    All the best,


  3. Have a wonderful eventful/uneventful ride, Robert!


  4. Looking forward to reading your posts and seeing photos.
    Wishing you safe travels with sunny skies and tailwinds.


  5. Best of luck!


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