Kakunodate, and it’s historic Samurai District




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Kakunodate is a small town in Northern Honshu.  It’s painfully charming.  By far the most beautiful version of “old Japan” that I’ve see thus far.  The old samurai district is 380 years old; though, even the rest of the town is meticulous. It must be spectacular during cherry blossom season as most all those streets will be bursting with color (and tourists).

~ by Robert on August 28, 2013.

3 Responses to “Kakunodate, and it’s historic Samurai District”

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Robert!


  2. Lovely photographs. The interior scene made me want to take my shoes off. Depicts lives full of order and care, things built to last and last.


  3. really enjoyig your trip…vicariously!


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