Cycling the Length of Japan: Day 7/8, August 22/23, 2013

Japan2013_08-22Day 7, I rode from Sapporo to Lake Toyako.  The lake is a volcanic caldera, and is almost perfectly round, with an almost perfectly round island smack in the center (see the screen shot below).  Said to be the 2nd clearest lake in Japan.  It’s pretty clear, but nothing like Crater Lake, or even Lake Tahoe.

Lake Toyako

Lake Toyako

Me at Lake Toyako

Me at Lake Toyako

This was a very nice ride, and as you can see, it had a bit of climbing.  70 miles with 4000′ is a pretty normal Santa Fe ride; however, I have to remind myself I’m not doing a club ride, I’m on a tour with an extra 30 lbs.  Consequently, things take a bit longer.



Day 8, was a ride from Lake Toyako to Mori, around Funka Bay in Southern Hokkaido.  Nothing particularly notable about this ride except there were so many tunnels I lost count after about 10.  There had to be between 15 and 20.   The seep mountains come sharply down to the sea, so I guess it was easier to drill vs. cut.  It sure looks better this way.

My first of about 20 tunnels this day.  Some, like this one, were several km long.

My first of about 20 tunnels this day. Some, like this one, were several km long.

Also, this is the center for the squid and scallop industry, and you can smell the scallops as you pass the large processing plants.  Made me hungry so I had scallop sashimi for lunch.

Mt. Yotei in the background.  It erupted in 2000.

Mt. Yotei, north of Lake Toyako, in the background. It erupted in 2000.

Mt Komagatake dominates the Mori skyline.

Mt Komagatake, yet another volcano, is a significant part of the Mori skyline.

~ by Robert on August 23, 2013.

5 Responses to “Cycling the Length of Japan: Day 7/8, August 22/23, 2013”

  1. looks like you had great weather. How is the traffic treating you?


  2. Enjoying the blog and pictures. Ride safe.


  3. have shared with many friends….
    ride safe and have fun!


  4. Hi. My name is Jack, from England, and this summer, I am planning on cycling the entire length of Japan. After seeing your blog, I was wondering if you could help me out with some questions I have.

    1. I am planning on wild camping as much as possible? How easy, feasible is this to do? And was it cold when you camped?

    2. I wouldn’t say I am the fittest person around, and would like to avoid mountains as much as possible. How easy is this to do? In fact, if I could avoid mountains completely, that would be ideal.

    3. Did you have an exact route planned out from the start? I have no route planned at all.

    4. I am planning on starting in June from Hokkaido, and going down through July and maybe August. How bad was the rainy season and the humidity?

    5. How frequent were convenience stores out there, esp in the rural areas? I am planning on eating out of them where I can.

    6. How frequent was internet connection out there?

    7. I am not keen on cycling through major highways with lots of fast cars. How easy is this to avoid? Yes, maybe I am being fussy on a route here.

    8.How easy was it to find repair shops?

    9.How much money did you spend from the first day of the trip to the last? I am thinking I have about $2000 for my trip.

    10. I speak no Japanese at all? Will this be a huge problem?


  5. Thanks so much if you could help out.


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