Jodhpur, India: The Blue City

These carts selling dried cakes (they look like toasted bread) are everywhere; however, if you ate one, you would also be eating the exhaust from the cars, trucks, taxi’s and motorcycles over who knows how long that have inches by.  I never actually saw anyone buying any, though it appars this youngster is eating one.

A camel pulling a cart of scaffolding.

Drying textiles along side the road.

Jodhpur is called the “blue city” ’cause many of the houses in the old part are painted, yup, blue.

Me and the local music man.

My hotel in Jodhpur.  This is a central area which is open to the sky.  Must be fantastic during a rainstorm.  The restaurant is behind me, and the door to my room is off to the right, just past the arches.

This is in the fort.  It’s the handprints from the 31 wives of one King about 400 years ago. He was a busy boy.  Not sure what happened to the wives, however.   The audio guide left out that little factoid.

A nice pot in the fort.  It stands about 5 feet tall.

~ by Robert on June 16, 2011.

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  1. nice work robert…the true blue city.. thanks


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