May 29, Ride Day 9: Cycling to 17,080 ft.

The ride today is only 45 miles, but we have our biggest climb yet, topping out at 17,080’. We camp today at 14,500’, our highest so far.

Today was one of the most difficult cycling days I’ve ever had.  There were several factors that made it hard.  First, I was just getting over a cold, and had yet to fully recover.  Second, we climbed 3600’; though, that in itself is not a big deal, but ending it at over 17,000’ made it hard.  The other two factors that made today difficult, was the headwind.  It was in our face the entire climb, and then there was the temperature:  it was cold, which puts more strain on your body, all things being equal.

Prayer flags at each pass.

Yikes…. we’re really up here!


The road up.


This father and son stuck their heads into our dining tent and wouldn’t leave.  Having a gold tooth (or two) is a Tibetan thing.

A gold tooth, and two earrings in each ear!


After this climb, I never thought I would consider going down to 14,500’ as a relief.  It’s warm in camp, and the sun is unbelievably strong.


~ by Robert on June 7, 2011.

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