Cycling Day 5: Of Yak Dung Walls, Yak Bling, and Interesting People

Today’s ride was flat.  No, I mean really flat.  We cycled 60 miles down the fertile river valley.    This stretch of road had the most interesting Yak Dung covered walls I’ve yet to see.  Truly works of art.

This guy looks like he’s cycling out of Las Vegas after a day at the slot machines.

This man was sitting on top of some bags of grain that were stacked on a small trailer pulled by a even smaller tractor which had a horrendous water leak coming from somewhere in the vicinity of the engine.  They would drive the tractor about 300 yards, stop, go to the irrigation ditch running along the road and fill up a bucket, pour it into the tractor, and do it again 300 yards later.  It was a very slow and painful process to watch.

This farmer was plowing his field, singing the whole time, and apparently thoroughly enjoying his work.   Can you imagine dressing up your farm animals any more than this?  It’s not as though these are animals in some tourist district posing for photographs.  They are working!  Further down the road I saw some Yak with Tibetan Prayer scarfs around their necks.  Very chic!

~ by Robert on May 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Cycling Day 5: Of Yak Dung Walls, Yak Bling, and Interesting People”

  1. Walls built of dung, huh? I could have some fun with that, but since I am still a working stiff, I’ll let it go.

    Love the pictures and captions. I am not very adverturesome, but like living vicariously, especially from the comfort of a cold beer and a warm day. thanks for sharing.


  2. The “Vegas Biker” is perfect! I love that horn or bell or whatever on his retro ‘airstream’ handlebars 😉

    – Sky


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