Kathmadu, day 2

Kathmandu is a lot like Delhi – noisy, polluted, the streets are jammed to the edges with pedestrians, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and bicycle rickshaws.  Horns are constantly blaring.  Litter of every imaginable sort blankets the edges of the roads, the medians, and well… everywhere.  However, it has a certain appeal, in an insane, in-your-face, hectic sort of way.

Despite all that, the people are very friendly, and will usually give you a gentle smile.  It seems very safe, and other than an occasional beggar, taxi driver asking if you need a ride, or someone selling some little trinket, the people are not too bothersome, and are certainly not threatening.

Bowls made from leaves.

Don’t ya’ love the sneakers?

~ by Robert on May 17, 2011.

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