Cusco – An Annual Fair and other stuff

It’s kinda like a state fair in the US, only there are Guinea Pigs being roasted and there are more varieties of potatoes then you can imagine.

Neither of these guys look very happy.

Cusco_7-1 (9 of 11)

These are “cuy”, or Guinea Pigs.  It’s a Peruvian staple.  Looks too much like a rat for me to even consider eating it.  And the people I’ve talked to say it’s definitely an acquired taste.   I’ll save my taste buds.

Cusco_7-1 (2 of 11)

I’m not an Alpaca expert, but this Rasta-paca has quite a look.

Cusco_7-1 (7 of 11)

Cusco_7-1 (6 of 11)


There were judging contests with awards given for the best animals.  Afterwords, they sold them at auction.

Cusco_7-1 (4 of 11)

Cusco_7-1 (5 of 11)


Yes, Peru is the home of the potato.  They say there are approximately 4,000 varieties.  I think that is either Peruvian folklore, or some esoteric definition by a highly detailed botanist.  However, even if there are not 4,000… there sure are a lot.  This display continued at 90 degrees to the left.  Lots of potatoes.

Cusco_7-1 (10 of 11)



Just because I liked the lamp post.

Cusco_7-1 (1 of 11)

~ by Robert on July 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cusco – An Annual Fair and other stuff”

  1. Roberto, your photographic skills are not suffering as you are from lack of creature comforts. The bike trip looked great. Now that you are an equestrian expert, can we expect you at next year’s Calgary Stampede. Take good care.


  2. I would never have guessed that potatoes were a staple of Peruvian cooking. I guess they’re cheap and easy to grow, so it’s not too surprising.

    Great pictures as always.


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