Scenes from another bike trip

The trip:  a van shuttled us and our bikes from Ollanta (9500 ft) to 12,000 feet where we met our porters and horses.  The trail (where there was one) was taking us to 15,000 ft.  Most of the riders immediatly got on the horses and had the porters push or ride their bikes.  Me and one of the guides decided to ride up as far as possible.  I made it to 14,250 feet.  Anything below 14,000 feet is not a big problem for me, but the physical difficulty is exponential after that.  At 14250 i needed to get on a horse.  Hold on for the next set of photos, because, i´m not really a ¨horse¨guy.




I got on the horse, and I guess the look of anxiety crosses cultural barriers.  Hey, no hadlebars, no saddle (litterally), no pedals (once again, literally).  How the hell do you steer this thing?

Papa porter decided to give the horses lead rope to his son – of four years – to guide me. 

It was quite an adventure.

~ by Robert on June 13, 2009.

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