You know how it is when you’re going to a popular tourist destination that everyone hypes-up so you end up having this huge expectation and you’re hoping if reality can only partially live up to the billing you’ll be happy, but deep down inside you’re expecting that you might be disappointed but you try not to think about it because you’re going anyway and you don’t want to sour the experience with negative assumptions?

Well Machupicchu is one of those places that everyone says is “amazing, you must see it”.  Well… they’re right.  It’s no hype.  Well, it may be hype, but reality lives up to every ounce of it.

The place is truly amazing, and yes, you must see it.  However, if you go, I have a few pointers on how to do it to avoid the masses (as much as possible), and to get the most out of your trip.   The photos below don’t really do it justice.

After the 1.5 hr train (assuming you’re not starting in Cusco, because if you are, add another 2 hours, which I would NOT recommend doing).  The ride is an adventure in itself, passing ruins along the way.  The train ends in a small town at base of the mountain, and then you take a 30 minute bus ride up a road with 12 switchbacks that feels much safer then it looks in the photo take from above.




The mountains in Machupicchu are so steep that some have almost vertical faces.  After you leave the bus, you enter the grounds and after a steep walk, you see your first view of the ruins.  It’s awe inspiring.  There are hikes you can take from the ruin grounds, making it easy to spend the whole day there.  However, there are no toilets, no food and no water on the grounds.  All that stuff is outside the entrance, and all (including the toilets), come at a very steep price.















Machupicchu_5-31-19Getting energy from a rock.

Machupicchu_5-31-20The rock was carved in the shape of the mountains behind.

Machupicchu_5-31-23Views from the return train ride.


On the train ride back, the train had to stop because a van was partially on the track.  A bunch of passengers on our train got out to push it.

~ by Robert on June 3, 2009.

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