Cycling High in the Sacred Valley

We started our ride at 14,000 feet and cycled to 8,500 feet, and along the way saw some fantastic sights.

Llamas are a regular sight on the roads.

Sacred Valley_6-2-10

Sacred Valley_6-2-9At the top of the mountain pass, this was the road we drove up.

Sacred Valley_6-2-8My altimeter showing 14, 170 feet.

Sacred Valley_6-2-7

A woman weaving on the edge of a cliff near the trail we rode down.  One of the other riders wanted to purchase one of her items, but she would not sell because she said her husband only does the selling, and anyway, she needed the blanked to keep warm.  She spoke an Inca dialect that one of our guides also speaks.

Sacred Valley_6-2-6

Most of the herders are women or children.   After I took this photo she wanted a “tip”.  I paid her what I’ve leaned is the going rate:  One Peruvian Sol, which is about 35 cents.  She was most appreciative.

Sacred Valley_6-2-5We cycled through a small village just as the kids were getting out of school.

Sacred Valley_6-2-4One of the riders brought 20 soccer balls (and pumps) do distribute to the children along the way.  She got them used from a sporting organization.  The children loved them.

Sacred Valley_6-2-3

The girl on the left had this expression that was priceless.

Sacred Valley_6-2

Sacred Valley_6-2-2

~ by Robert on June 3, 2009.

One Response to “Cycling High in the Sacred Valley”

  1. Bob, looks like it was quite a trip. I never knew you were such an outstanding photographer. A man of many talents!


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