Finally, clean air.   The Cusco area is really beautiful.



Cusco_5-29-15Inca walls are everywhere.

Cusco_5-29-14We cycled in the mountains above Cusco.  Notice the shape of a Llama in the cave doorway.

Cusco_5-29-11Inca walls in the city



Cusco_5-29-7This is not a sight I’m used to seeing when I go biking!

Cusco_5-29-6A herder.

Cusco_5-29-4Making adobe bricks.

Cusco_5-29-3We rode past hundreds of Inca walls today.

Cusco_5-29-13The main church in the plaza in Cusco.

~ by Robert on May 30, 2009.

One Response to “Cusco”

  1. It looks like mountain biking on the moon is more your style than in and around Lima. I love the cave photo, its mysterious and draws me in. Cusco is bigger than I expected!


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