Cycling Day 3: Cycling to 16,650’

Our ride today started at the campsite elevation of 15,000 ft. We cycled up to 16,650′, but from that starting point it’s relatively easy as long as you go slow and don’t try to turn it into a race. Riding up to that elevation was easier than getting off the bike once there and walking around. The climb was only 6 miles, and the overall ride was 48.

If you look to the left, you can see th road we came up.  Unlike hill climbs I’ve done in other places, you normally can’t see the upcomming pass when you’re climbing over a thousand feet.  Not in Tibet, you can see what’s ahead of you from the beginning of the climb, sometimes thousands of feet up.

These stairways to a higher plane are painted on the sides of rocks all along the roads.

Something tells me she does not know what her hat says.

Gotta do the daily prayer flag photo.

The arrangements of drying Yak dung bricks are works of art.  I’m sure Alison could figure out an installation with them!

The Chinese are fascinated by us.   I’ve had my picture taken a hundred times in just a few days.

~ by Robert on May 25, 2011.

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