My ¨home¨ in Ollantaytambo


Guine pigs are a Peruvian staple.  These are in a pen ouside my bedroom window.  I´m told they will be on the dinner table one evening.  I may be saying “no”.


Homestay_6-5-3These pigs are also on the farm.  They are not pets.




This is the couple I´m staying with: Jose and Silvia.  They have two children, Paoula (3), and Gabriel (10).   After drying the corn, they take it from the cob, then sift it to get rid of the small bits, then they hand pick out the bad ones for the chickens.  The rest we eat.  It´s very good corn, with huge kernals.

~ by Robert on June 6, 2009.

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